IBM® ELM Training Tailored to Your Roles

You’re deploying a new IBM ELM (formerly Rational® CLM) tool to multiple teams—perhaps across the globe. Business analysts, quality engineers, developers, project managers, and more. Each role needs to focus on different aspects of tool usage—and no one wants to invest in learning features they don’t need.

We get it. Our unique, modular training system lets clients configure each class by selecting topics from our extensive library. Some topics will be used by multiple roles in an organization, while others will be specific to only one role.


The Bottom Line: More Learning in Less Time

Role-based training means more targeted learning (and more satisfied students) with less class time vs. training with standardized classes.


Hands-On IBM ELM Training

Our instruction is role based and lab intensive. Students learn by performing the tasks required for their real-world tool usage. Our courses are typically 80% lab and 20% lecture—a mix we have refined over our 21+ years in complex tool training.


Instructor-Led Training Anywhere@Anytime

Where do you need training? Are students working remotely? Do you prefer a classroom setting? Do you have both classroom and remote students? Are students in different time zones? Different countries? We can do that!

We’ve perfected the art of the virtual classroom. Our proprietary classroom infrastructure guarantees that students receive a consistent hands-on training experience—no matter where they’re located. And each class is led by one of our highly experienced instructors—all industry experts who love to teach.


Nimble, Responsive and Ready To Roll

Our proprietary training infrastructure, on-demand course material provisioning, and unparalleled rollout logistics expertise mean flexible global scheduling and just-in-time training for your teams. Just-in-time training increases retention of skills taught in training and reduces support costs during tool migration.

Read a Global Training Success Story

Fortune 100 Insurer Drives ROI from Training that Hits the Sweet Spots—Painless, Targeted, and Impactful


When a Senior Account Manager with IBM Rational (now ELM) Sales, connected his customer, a Fortune 100 insurance company, [names withheld in respect to corporate policies] to Island Training, it was, he said, “a no-brainer.” Island Training was able to fulfill a customer-specific environment requirement. And, big picture, the rep knew that Island’s business model would align with the organization’s IBM Rational training needs.

Island Training’s role-based approach to training melded with the customer’s organization. Island was also built to support global training, a perfect fit for a customer with an IT group of 4,000 and offices spanning all U.S. time zones and extending overseas. “Island’s virtual training model allows us to be more cost effective and more responsive to training requests,” said a training consultant with the insurance company. “You can set up classes much faster when you don’t have to ship live people and materials around the globe.”

Island Training’s nimbleness continues to surprise the training consultant who works on a regular basis with 10 to 12 training suppliers and on an occasional basis with another 25 to 30. “When people want training, they want it now, and no one responds faster than Island Training,” he said. “We are accustomed to a three- to six-week lead time to put a class together, and it is no exaggeration to say that with Island Training, the lead time is three to six days. And it’s not just that they can deliver a class quickly, they can deliver it globally and in the right time zone.”


Island Training also serves up training in the manner that the training consultant most appreciates—with no stress. “I would say I am working with the toughest, most discerning students I have come across,” he said. “My audience knows their stuff, and if someone doesn’t like an instructor, I hear about it. The fact that I don’t get complaints about Island is the best possible endorsement. Island is looked upon as a trusted partner because they are the experts in their field.”

The training consultant has also worked with Island to create custom content, a practice he typically avoids. “I love Island’s approach,”he said. “They get our time constraints. They say, ‘let’s do as little as possible, and let’s do it right.’ Then customization becomes realistic, and the ultimate benefit is a faster, more impactful learning experience.“

The IBM rep, who has brought Island Training on board for several multi-national financial service clients, is not surprised at the positive long-term relationship that has developed. “I don’t sell products as commodities, I sell solutions based on a specific ROI,” he said. “A huge component of that return is investment in training. I turn to Island Training based on my complete confidence that once the customer does make that move to invest in their user community via Island Training, they are going to be glad that they did it, and they are going to reap the ROI they expected.”