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The students actually did better on the labs and were more attentive when they were able to log in from any remote location—where there were fewer distractions and interruptions.” —Global financial services firm (read an IBM Rational training success story »)
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Live, Instructor-Led Training—Anywhere@Anytime

Where do you want to train? We offer multiple options to meet your specific needs. Our virtual classrooms let us stretch across locales and time zones to consistently accommodate the needs of every learner.

Classroom In the Cloud

Want to minimize client facility and resource requirements? Our virtual classrooms are second to none. Students view lectures and complete training exercises under the guidance of an instructor. Students need only a web browser and, if attending remotely, a phone, to be fully integrated into a classroom setting. They can ask questions. Start discussions. All the dynamic features of classroom training are available.

We schedule classes to accommodate multiple times zones, and if necessary, we engage instructors with specific language skills.

Our virtual classrooms are infinitely scalable, and can handle any number of classes simultaneously. We team with other leading IBM Rational partners to scale our instructor team to handle spikes in training needs.

Onsite IBM Rational Training

Want traditional classroom training? We can do that. The virtual classroom makes it easy to bring the classroom to you.

Mix it Up–Our Hybrid Approach

Hybrid delivery, in which virtual participants join students and an instructor in the traditional classroom, is available at no additional charge.

The Infrastructure You Want—The Trainers You Need

While our training infrastructure offers students a consistent training experience in just the material they need wherever they are located, our instructors are the glue that holds it all together.

Our instructors are chosen equally for their product expertise and for their ability to interact with students in a manner that facilitates knowledge transfer. The instructor sets the pace, facilitates discussions, answers questions, and relates tool capabilities to student’s primary tasks.

Corporate Licensing

Are you ready to take on training? Now your internal IBM Rational tool expert can train your developers using the most effective materials in the industry. Our corporate licensing program makes Island Training's complete curriculum available to your company for internal training.