ct help <command>                       Usage statement for command

ct man <command>                        Manual page for command

ct lsvob                                List VOBs
ct mount <vob-tag>                      Mount VOB
ct umount <vob-tag>                     Unmount VOB

ct lsview                               List views
ct startview <view-tag>                 Start view
ct setview <view-tag>                   Set view (UNIX)
ct endview <view-tag>                   Stop view
ct endview -server <view-tag>           Stop view and kill view server process
net use <drive:> \\view\<view-tag>      Map drive to view
net use <drive:> /d                     Disconnect drive from view

ct lsvtree <pname>                      Version tree browser
ct lsvtree -gra <pname>                 Version tree browser (graphical)

ct pwd                                  Print working directory
ct pwv                                  Print working view
ct ls                                   List contents of directory with ClearCase info
ct ls -view                             List only private files in directory
ct ls -vob                              List only vob elements in directory

ct lsprivate                            List private files in the view
ct lsco [-all] [-cview] [-s]            Find checkouts

ct mkview -tag <view-tag> <stg-dir>                     Create view
ct mkview -tag <view-tag> -stream <stream> <stg-dir>    Create view (UCM)
ct rmview -tag <view-tag>                               Remove view

ct mkstream <stream>                    Create stream (UCM)

ct lsact                                List activities at current stream (UCM)
ct setact <act-id> | [-none]            Set activities (UCM)
ct mkact -headline <headline>           Create activity (UCM)
ct rmact <act-id>                       Remove activity (UCM)

ct co [-unres] <pname>                  Checkout
ct ci <pname>                           Checkin
ct unco <pname>                         Uncheckout
ct reserve <pname>                      Change unreserved to reserved checkout
ct unreserve <pname>                    Change reserved to unreserved checkout

ct mkelem <pname>                       Make new file element
ct mkdir <pname>                        Make new directory element

ct mv <src-pname> <dest-pname>          Move an element
ct rmname <pname>                       Logical delete of element
ct ln [-s]                              Create link


<cmd> <pname>                           Operate on version selected by view
<cmd> <pname@@\version-id>              Operate on version given the version-id

ct diff [-gra] [-pred] <pname>          Diff tool
ct merge [-gra]                         Merge
ct findmerge                            Batch merge

ct mklbtype <label-type-name>           Create label type
ct mklabel <label-type-name> <pname>    Attach label
ct lock lbtype:<label-type-name>        Lock label

ct mkbl [-incremental | -full] <baseline-root-name>                Make baseline (UCM)
ct chbl [-level <promotion-level>]                                 Promote baseline (UCM)
ct chstream [-recommended <baseline-selector>] <stream-selector>   Recommend baseline (UCM)

ct rebase -gmerge -recommended          Rebase stream (UCM)
ct rebase -complete                     Complete rebase (UCM)

ct deliver                              Deliver activities (UCM)
ct deliver -complete                    Complete deliver (UCM)
ct deliver -activites <act-selectors>   Deliver specific activities (UCM)

ct setcs -stream                        Synchronize view

ct catcs                                View config spec
ct edcs                                 Edit config spec
ct setcs                                Set config spec

ct find                                 Search/Reporting utility


ct lsstgloc                             List all storage locations
ct mkstgloc                             Create storage location
ct rmstgloc                             Remove a storage location

ct mkvob -tag <vob-tag> <stg-dir>       Create VOB
ct rmvob <stg-dir>                      Remove VOB
ct describe vob:<vob-tag>               Display owner and group of VOB
ct protectvob                           Change owner and group of VOB

clearfsimport <src-path> <target>       Import files and directory structures
clearexport_*                           Export versioned files from another tool
clearimport                             Import versioned files

ct rmver                                Physically remove a version from VOB
ct rmbranch                             Physically remove an entire branch from VOB
ct rmelem                               Physically remove an entire element from VOB

ct relocate                             Relocate elements from one VOB to another

ct protect [-chown] [-chgrp] [-chmod]   Change element permission, owner, group
ct describe <element-path@@>            Display element permission, owner, group

mvfsstorage                             Display location of data container
ct dump                                 Display location of source and cleartext container

ct getlog                               Display error logs

ct mktrtype                             Create trigger type
ct mktrigger                            Attach/apply trigger
ct rmtrigger                            Remove a single instance of trigger
ct rmtype [-rmall] trtype:<trig-type>   Remove trigger type

ct mkattype <type-name>                 Create attribute type
ct mkattr <attype> <value> <pname>      Attach/apply attribute
ct rmattr                               Remove a single instance of attribute
ct rmtype [-rmall] attype:<att-type>    Remove attribute type


site_prep                               Prepare the ClearCase release area
setup / install_release                 Install ClearCase on client or server
clearlicense [-hostid]                  Display license information
rgy_passwd                              Set the registry password
ct hostinfo -l                          Display host ClearCase information

net stop albd                           Stop ClearCase services (Windows)
net start albd                          Start ClearCase services (Windows)
/etc/init.d/clearcase stop              Stop ClearCase services (UNIX)
/etc/init.d/clearcase start             Start ClearCase services (UNIX)

ct lsregion                             Display ClearCase regions
ct mkregion -tag <name>                 Create ClearCase region
ct rmregion [-rmall] -tag <name>        Remove ClearCase region

ct register (-vob|-view) <stg-path>     Register a VOB or view
ct unregister (-vob|-view) <stg-path>   Unregister a VOB or view
ct mktag (-vob|-view) -tag <tag> <stg>  Create a VOB or view tag
ct rmtag (-vob|-view) <tag>             Remote a VOB or view tag

rgy_check [-vobs] [-views] [-storage]   Verify registry integrity

ct lock vob:<vob-tag>                   Lock VOB
ct unlock vob:<vob-tag>                 Unlock VOB

ct recoverview -syn -tag <view-tag>     Recover stranded view private files

fix_prot                                Fix protection problems
dbcheck -a -k <vob_db>                  Scan RAIMA db for corruption
ct checkvob [-fix] -pool <vob-stg-dir>  Scan db/storage pools for consistency