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It’s one thing to grasp a concept in a classroom environment; it’s another to apply that concept to a real-life project. Island’s review module bridged this gap for our users, allowing them to forge ahead without missing a beat.” —Fortune 100 Financial Services firm
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Your Environment + Island Methodology = Powerful Review Training

For large IBM Rational deployments, we recommend clients complete their training with a custom Your-World Review Module.

Your-World Review Modules take customization to the next level. They are the product of a true collaboration. Our subject matter expert works with your subject matter expert (twice the brilliance) to develop lectures and labs that directly apply to your processes and actual work environment, using our core curriculum and training methodology as the foundation.

Our clients tell us that Your-World Reviews are a powerful way to transition skill mastery from the classroom to the office.

The bottom line benefit: you can expect to quickly cement the expected usage model of the tool. And, as an added bonus, follow-on support costs are minimized.

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