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I turn to Island Training based on my complete confidence that once the customer does make that move to invest in their user community via Island Training, they are going to reap the ROI they expected.” —IBM Rational Sales Manager (read an IBM Rational training success story»)
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What Makes Us Different?

one We are passionate about helping individuals learn how to use IBM Rational tools in the shortest possible time. We don’t plow through all the bells and whistles. Our modular design means that each class offers just the precise knowledge students need to successfully use the tools in their roles. We don’t waste time.

twoWe reduce stress in IBM Rational rollouts. We’re professional trainers and logistics experts who work hand in hand with program managers and client learning organizations to provide customized, role-based curricula for project teams. Our business model incorporates proven global deployment best practices and addresses the known pitfalls and pain points.

threeMost importantly, our training and implementation services drive the value and ROI anticipated from an IBM Rational investment.


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Diving into the details, we offer:

  • Courseware that fills gaps in the IBM curriculum and supports the latest versions of Rational software.
  • Support for multiple interfaces (.NET, Web, Eclipse™, z/OS, etc.) .
  • Role-based, customizable curriculum versus cookie-cutter courses.
  • Multiple delivery options including a virtual classroom solution with a traditional classroom feel that stretches across time zones.
  • Custom manuals provisioned on-demand to support our configurable curriculum.
  • Unparalleled flexibility in logistics, delivery, customization and response times.
  • Implementation services that leverage our many years of training and consulting experience.

We Are the IBM Rational Tool Experts

If the IBM Rational toolset is at the heart of what we do, software development process methodologies like agile and enterprise modernization are the soul. This expertise is the core of Island’s business success. All of our instructors are experienced industry experts and hold appropriate IBM tool certifications. They see the big picture and they can zoom in to talk in detail about the process implications of the latest feature IBM Rational feature upgrades.

With an impressive and rapidly growing client roster in industries as diverse as finance and insurance, aerospace, IT, defense, government and health. We serve clients big and small. The vast majority of our clients are in the Fortune 500.

We put our product expertise to work by offering training, product sales, and implementation services—all in support of the global deployment of IBM Rational software.