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I love Island’s approach [to custom content]. They get our time constraints. They say, ‘let’s do as little as possible and do it right.’ Customization becomes realistic. The benefit is a faster, impactful learning experience.” —IBM Rational Sales Manager (read an IBM Rational training success story»)
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Roll Your Own Custom Lectures

Our proprietary processes let us easily (and without cost to you) integrate your custom slides into our existing lectures for our
IBM Rational courses.

The result is targeted training that creates customer-specific context for tool usage. It connects the dots from a concept to a
specific function/process in their day-to-day work.

For example, in this sample module, the client's context slide sets the stage.
Client Slide

With the context established, the Island Training standard lecture teaches out-of-the-box tool functionality and tool usage best practices.
Island Slides

Following the standard lecture, the instructor covers client-specific defect workflow and defect state customizations to reinforce
the concepts introduced in that module. Students can immediately relate the skills they learn to their day-to-day process.
Client Slides 2

Typical client information in our free custom lecture service may include:

  • Goals and objectives
  • Custom templates
  • Workflow diagrams
  • Custom definitions
  • Job aids
  • Next steps following training
  • Key contacts/resources

Client slides may be inserted at the beginning and/or end of any standard module lecture. We encourage clients to include separate slides highlighting resources or next steps at the end of a standard class.