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Island Training worked with us in every way possible to accomplish our goals. They helped us select the specific courses we needed for our level of experience.” —TESCO/EWA Services
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IBM Rational Training Configured Just For Your Needs

What does “configured” mean to us? Instead of assuming a standard user, we identify key user roles. Then we analyze the skills required for successful product usage in each role.

Let’s look at an example. A multinational company is deploying Rational Team Concert. Perhaps every user—from the project manager to the developer—would benefit from the module “Creating Work Items.” However, the project manager uses a web interface, the developer uses Eclipse™. We offer support for all RTC client interfaces, including Eclipse, .NET, Web, Shell, and RTC/RDz integrated interface for
z/OS® developers.

Then there might be modules that are helpful for software engineers which might not be useful for QA engineers. A possible example: “Source Control Basics.”

The point is that Island Training’s curriculum is designed to accommodate differences at a very granular level. Our modular approach lets you design classes by choosing course modules from our library of over 800 modules. A typical one-day course consists of about 15 modules. Modules consist of 80% lab and 20% lecture to ensure that students learn the product by using it.

The Custom Review Module

For large deployments, we recommend clients follow up their training with a custom review module. This review exposes users to the new tool within the life cycle and processes of their actual work environment—a powerful mechanism to reinforce new tasks and cement the expected usage model of the product.

The Bottom Line

Our product expertise, proprietary development tools, and modular design keep training costs surprisingly low. The goal we keep in mind—always—is to maximize the impact of your training while being mindful of costs and resource utilization.